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Our purpose is to get everyone on earth interested in knowing and preserving every culture.



We make sure individual aspirations are fullfilled and feel happy to assist with tailor made services.


We identify, preserve and highlight culture wherever we go and we dedicate time to expand ourknowledge.


We are kind and easy to get along with. We make everyone feel valued and comfortable around us.


We are empowered to create unique, memorable and personal experiences and we invest our whole energy to every action we take.

The Trusty Compass Reviews

“We booked two tours with these guys, one to Teotihuacán and another to Coyoacan. Both trips were great. Roberto, one of our guides at Teotihuacán, is actually a photographer, which was a great perk as he was very kind to take the most phenomenal pictures for us..."

Nour Idriss



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Cecilia Varela

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Prehispanic culture junkie, eager to meet new people and different perspectives.

 Adventurer by definition, and addicted to traveling.

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Fernanda Ayala

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Passionate in arts, specially contemporary art, and loves sharing her history passion . Deeply in love with books, movies and museums. 

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Julio Cavallucci

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Young architecture lover who always knows what the last trend in art is. Pointing the best places to discover and bringing magic and passion wherever he goes. 

Carolina Díaz

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Hospitality expert and restaurant connoiseur. Absolute admirer of nature and meditation. Pledges to create the best tailor made experiences. 

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Bobby L.  Esquivelzeta

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Begoña Bas

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Devoted to learning new skills and a thoughtful photographer. Completely committed to take the best shots and capture the essence of your experience.

Spiritual tradition enthusiast with a passion for learning. Creator of aesthetic experiences to facilitate knowledge through awareness with a pedagogy background,

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Mexico City 

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